What makes the difference with cheap online automated services ?
We use our EARS to listen and make it sound really better!
Do you master digital with plug ins or is there analogue processing involved?
Both :  We use high end  AD/DA convertor ( Apogee PSX 100) and very musical EQ's ) MIAD and a huge sounding analogue masteringcompressor : The IGS Vari-Mu Tubecore  to add warmth and sonically enhance your music.

We carefully listen on  Questeds VH32018 + Quested Sub  en we check on OLLO mix/mastering headphones.

 TECH SPECS :  Please Read before you export your mixfiles  and send them to us!

• Please remove all EQ's, compressors, limiters or maximizers... from the master bus of your DAW before exporting your mix file.

• Keep about 5 dB of headroom (make sure your file isn't clipped!)

• Export your file with 3 seconds blank at the beginning and the end of each song.

• We prefer 24 bit (or 32 bit floating) stereo-interleaved WAV or AIFF mixes in 44.1 till 192 kHz.

• 16 bit is OK also, but we don't accept MP3 !

• Upload your files via WETRANSFER.com

• We need a valid e-mail address to contact you.

• Please make a comment on each track.

•We invite you to pay for our work upfront

• Within 3 days after payment we will send you the masters.

You will receive from us :

• One 24 bit WAV file (or one 16 bit mastered WAVfile for duplication )  and 1 MP3-master for online distribution

•Please state the preferred format of this MP3-master.  

If you need another fileformat : please let us know in advance.

If you need several additional fileformats, there will be an extra charge.