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Album (till 60min): 400 E, EP 5 songs 200 E, 3 songs 125 E

Mastering your Music : choose Audiomastering.be !

We are offering the  best online mastering solution for your music! Send us your files and within 3 days you' ll receive a great sounding master. Mastering @ audiomastering.be is easy, affordable and takes your music to the next level. We carefully listen to your music , process it ANALOGUE and digital and make it sound louder & better!

Audiomastering:Because your Music is worth it!

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- Get a great master for only 50 Euro song (ex. VAT).
- 5 songs for only 200 Euro (ex VAT)
- 10 songs for only 395 Euro (ex VAT)

- Adapted MP3 master / MfIT -master (for I-tunes) included

- Do you want a master-revision or do you want to tweak the mix and let it remaster? It will cost you only 20 E for each revision of a track. So tweak your mix to make it even better and have it remastered for just 20E!
Your master will be high quality, ready for CD-duplication and radio airplay, clubs and online distribution.
- It will improve your mixes and sound great! As it should be!
Extra services :
- DDP master : 100 Euro
- Promotional copies on black-vinyl like CDs : 100 pieces for just 150 Euro !

- CD Digipack/Unipack pressing : 300 pieces for 600 E , 500 pieces for 875 E ( 4 page booklet)